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Since COVID-19 has most of us staying at home, Steve and I are offering One-to-One Training online via FaceTime, Zoom or Webex. You can find our schedule here.

We are working to adapt our photo classes to an online schedule as well. Check back or contact us. 

Please stay safe and keep in touch.

Best, Faith and Steve Hutchinson

Photography Education

Personalized Camera Instruction

Personalized Camera Instruction

Personalized Camera Instruction


Practice with your personal camera or learn a new technique. Get in-the-field training. 


Personalized Camera Instruction

Personalized Camera Instruction


Find out about upcoming events like the Olympus User Group.


Personalized Camera Instruction



We’re adding a blog which will showcase some of our favorite places to travel, some photography tips and instruction, gear and product reviews, and recommendations for getting the most fun packed into your visit to the Walt Disney World parks.

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In the Classroom

One Day Workshops



Find out about our upcoming classes. Most classes are stand-alone learning with a running time of 90 minutes to 2 hours.

One Day Workshops

One Day Workshops

One Day Workshops


Want to get more familiar with your camera? Learn "best settings" for different subjects?Join us for a photo workshop where you will learn by doing!

Weekend Workshops

One Day Workshops

One Day Workshops


Are you ready to get some immersive photography training? Come with us as we visit scenic places around the U.S. and teach photographic techniques for capturing our adventures!


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